'Tim Tebow Bill' proposed in Kentucky

Josh, Matthew, and Curtis are home schooled. Their mother Becky said she would like them to be able to play sports in schools. (FOX19)
Josh, Matthew, and Curtis are home schooled. Their mother Becky said she would like them to be able to play sports in schools. (FOX19)

KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Home schooled students in Kentucky could soon have the chance to play sports for their local public schools thanks to the proposed 'Tim Tebow bill.'
A lawmaker proposed the bill this week. It gets the name from former University of Florida standout quarterback and NFL player Tim Tebow, who was home schooled in Florida and played in public schools growing up.
Becky Winters home schools her three boys, Josh, Matthew, and Curtis. She says the only aspect of home schooling she has trouble with is sports.

"During the school year there's really nothing sports related, active for them to do," said Becky Winters.

Winters says right now, all of her kids are done with sports for the year because summer leagues only go a few months, and she says the social aspect of this bill is just as beneficial.

"When you're in high school, you pretty much have the same kids every year because you have to try out and pretty much the same kids get in it every year and you've already worked with them and they work well together," said Winters.

This bill would allow students to register with the local middle or high school. They would then take a physical, and have to meet the academic requirements to be eligible.

Winters says providing kids opportunities for growth in their particular sport helps them reach their goals, especially under the supervision of talented coaches.

"My oldest is really good at baseball and if he could get into high school level baseball or whatever he might be into then, if he turns out that he could be really really good and could get a scholarship, that would be great," said Winters.

Parents would also be required to provide their own transportation for their kids under the proposed bill.

Winters says she's thrilled she gets to educate her kids and has never felt like they've missed out on anything, but that could change as they get older.

"If they wanted to play a sport and then they weren't able to, I feel like they'd be missing out on that," said Winters.

FOX19 reached out several local school districts for comment but didn't hear back.

The KHSAA has tried to allow this type of legislation before. The biggest hurdle is making sure the curriculum of home schooled children is up to par with that of the school district.

Roughly half of all states give home schoolers the right to some type of access to classes or sports.

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