Expect a cloudy day with a high of 80. The death comedian Robin Williams, 63, has been received with shock & sadness worldwide. We’re live with the latest.

Lindner Family Tennis Center (Photo: FOX19 File Photo)
Lindner Family Tennis Center (Photo: FOX19 File Photo)

(FOX19) - Sharonville came out on top last night for the most rain, seeing 3.45 inches. We'll escape those showers this morning with a muggy but rain-free start to your day.

Here is what you can expect today on FOX19 NOW.

Actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his Northern California home Monday night. He was 63 years old. A local comedian who got his start opening for Williams will be on FOX19 NOW this morning to share his experience and memories of the Hollywood legend.

Did you know your taxpayer dollars are going to not only fund the Brent Spence Bridge but also conduct a study about its impact? Many are wondering why there's a need to spend so much on that study. We'll have the story and ask for answers this morning.

Many kids are headed back to school this week! If you send your little ones off on the bus you'll want to tune in. Kelly Rippin will be live with back-to-school safety tips for drivers and riders.

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