In the ranking of ball park beers, Cincinnati comes out on top

FOX19/Dan Wells
FOX19/Dan Wells

(FOX19) - Cincinnati has been in the spotlight lately for its craft beer culture, and that culture doesn't stop at restaurants, bars or breweries.

In fact, according to the Washington Post, the culture has even spread to our ball park.

The newspaper analyzed the beer served in ball parks across the county in the categories of locality, quality and uniqueness. The Cincinnati Reds selection ranked 1st in quality, 2nd in uniqueness and 2nd overall.

According to the Washington Post, after the ball park added the new Reds Brewery District, distinct beers offered went up from 42 to more than 130 and craft beer sales increased by 363 percent (yes, you read that right).

Still, the ball park's most popular beer? Bud Light. But stadium officials say those sales aren't necessarily taking away from craft beer sales.

Read the Washington Post's full report here:

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