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Your Week in Viral Videos: Corgis in casserole dishes

Six corgis were brought to Georgia Tech to romp around the campus and sleep in casserole dishes while they studied Puppyconomics. (Source: Sucette Baby: YouTube) Six corgis were brought to Georgia Tech to romp around the campus and sleep in casserole dishes while they studied Puppyconomics. (Source: Sucette Baby: YouTube)

(RNN) – The daily commute has never been more festive.

A few weeks ago, the cast of The Lion King surprised some people on a flight by singing The Circle of Life for them. Now they’ve moved to the New York subway. (Does this mean a Navy submarine is next?)

New Yorkers are renowned for their rudeness and ability to not pay attention to anything, because so much strange stuff happens in New York that they aren’t even fazed any more, but the annoyed looks on some of the faces of the riders are priceless. They. Just. Do. Not. Care.

The video is great because it’s properly recorded and captures multiple people recording vertical videos. Even though they’re of the same thing, those videos deserve much less than the more than 4 million views this one has.

When a boat isn’t fast enough

People do all sorts of things with planes they weren’t designed to do, like jump out of them and walk on their wings. Now you can add ski behind them to the list.

Why would anyone want to ski behind a plane? Why not? The plane is the headline, but it’s not the best part of the video, which includes some pretty nifty tricks performed by people moving on water so fast that it acts more like concrete.

Videos like this are usually great because of the wipeouts, but the mistakes – if there were any – were edited out.

One day in three minutes

Time lapses are usually pretty spectacular, no matter what they’re of, but this one of a typical day in an urban environment is really captivating. Interesting people doing normal everyday things are everywhere, the views are incredible and the architecture is worth pausing the video to marvel at.

The video makes you want to visit the city. But then you remember it’s in North Korea and that thought goes away.

‘Apparently’ he doesn’t know what it means

The “Apparently Kid” was everywhere this week after he stole the show at Pennsylvania’s Wayne County Fair.

It’s hard to pinpoint what the best thing about Noah Ritter’s interview was, because everything about this kid is fantastic, but the line about the Powerball was an instant classic.

In typical Murica fashion, Apparently Kid immediately garnered follow-up interviews and an appearance on Good Morning America. He also inspired a T-shirt with “Apparently” printed on it that, for once, is going to something worthwhile – the Shriner’s hospital.

But unlike Hero Cat, Apparently Kid, despite having actual arms and hands and the ability to do it on his own, has not thrown out the first pitch a baseball game … yet.

Animal of the Week

If corgis went to college, what would they study? Barkitecture? Puppyconomics? Animal husbandry? Breed studies?

These six little guys have already earned a bachelor’s degree in cuteness and a master’s in sleeping in a casserole dish. Each one is a little ramblin’ wreck and working its way toward becoming a hell of a caninegineer.

Bonus goat video

It’s been a few weeks since a goat video popped up, but they are still out there going strong. Be glad this video of baby goats “talking” is short, because you wouldn’t want it to go on much longer than it does.

More stuff for when you’re bored

Dogs and lions rarely come into contact with each other. As this video shows, that’s a good thing, because lions can easily sneak up on dogs and scare them barkless. Thankfully this lion is just a baby or it could have gotten ugly.

College football season starts later this month, and to get in the mood, Clemson dressed its quarterback like a mannequin and had him yell at unsuspecting passers-by.

Men say all sorts of strange things when a woman they like walks by. It can be hard to make sense of their antics – until now.

Letting your baby listen to Katy Perry and Juicy J may not be the best parenting move, but if it makes them stop crying, sometimes you just have to do what works.

President Barack Obama is Fancy.

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