Report: 80 percent of semi truck accidents caused by passenger vehicles


CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Several recent semi crashes, including one last week one on the Brent Spence Bridge, are raising new concerns about the safety of big rigs on Cincinnati area roads.

Officials said the crash on the bridge happened on Saturday, August 2 after a car in the far left lane tried to cut across and make a last minute exit. Six people were injured in the accident, but no one was seriously hurt. The highway was closed for several hours while crews worked to clean up the wreckage.

Following the crash, several viewers reached out to FOX19 via Facebook to share similar experiences.

Gary Middleton wrote, "I can't count how many cars cut off semis. Saw one the other day get close to the back end of one in front of me."

According to the semi safety website,, there are more than 400,000 semi accidents every year and 80 percent of them are caused by passenger vehicles.

Officials say drivers can help prevent crashes by following safety guidelines on the road and offering the following standards:

  • Avoid semi blind spots
  • Pass trucks with caution
  • Don't linger on the sides
  • Don't cut off trucks
  • Practice patience and avoid erratic moves
  • Lower brights to avoid blind spots
  • Signal sooner

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