Group, lawmakers pushing to repeal Ohio's Common Core


CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Hearings kick of next week in Columbus to determine whether Ohio will repeal the Common Core education standards.

Common Core is a set of standards passed to prepare students in grades kindergarten through twelfth and involves English, Language Arts and mathematics.

43 states have implemented the standards, including Ohio in 2010.

Some Ohio state lawmakers say they've heard widespread discontent from parents, teacher and communities on the standards and want the repealed.

Representative Matt Huffman of Lima and Andy Thompson of Marietta have said Ohio made a mistake four years ago in pursing the standards and their legislation would seize back state control over the process.

The group 'Ohioans Against the Common Core' has also been vocal about its discontent with Common Core and the federal government's involvement in local education.

"We believe that children, parents, teachers and taxpayers are best served when education is locally controlled. We believe that officials of all political persuasions have facilitated the destruction of the local and parent led education model by ceding control to special interest groups and central planners. We believe that only those who have been elected and can be held accountable to the citizens of Ohio should be involved with the education and assessment of Ohio's students," the group said on its website.

Ohioans Against Common Core are urging parents and other community members to attend the hearings at the statehouse and testify.

Common Core supporters are also expected to attend.

The Ohio Federation of Teachers has been vocal saying a repeal would create chaos for school districts.

"Common Core standards set clear expectations for what our students need to know and need to do at each grade level, k-12," said Melissa Cropper, President of Ohio Federation of Teachers. "They are much they are a much more focused, coherent set of standards than what we're currently operating with, so that by teaching these standards, our students are much better prepared for college and career upon graduation."

The House Rules and Reference Committee plans to take testimony on the bill Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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