Apartment manager beaten for reporting car illegally parked


BOND HILL, OH (FOX19) - An apartment manager was assaulted then run over for reporting a car parked illegally.

It happened in the 4800 block of Reading Road around 1 a.m. Saturday.

Roberto Rosiles has been the building manager at the Queen City Properties apartment complex for about 2 years. His children say it his job to make sure the only people that park there are the actual tenants.

When he noticed an unapproved car parked in the lot late at night, he took a picture of the license plate. His children say that is when the occupants of the car became violent.

"That's my dad on the right. He's backing up. There is the second guy and that is when they started jumping him," points Diego Rosiles as he shows FOX19 surveillance footage of his father being attacked and ultimately run over.

A broken back and a busted mouth are just some of the injuries Roberto Rosiles arrived with at the hospital. His children say it all started because their father was doing his job.

"My dad is just a building manager. If you are parked in a wrong spot, he'll just take a picture of your license plate. Sometimes he doesn't even call a tow truck because he's trying to generous to the people," said Natalia Rosiles.

Natalia and Diego say the occupants of the car saw their father taking a picture of their license plate and approached him. Eventually, the confrontation became physical. Their father wasn't able to fight off the attackers and passed out in the parking lot. Then, the driver of the car ran over him before leaving the complex.

"The fact that he got hurt, brutally hurt for doing his job is honestly unfair," said Natalia.

Diego says even though his father knew the men responsible and it's all caught on tape, police still haven't made an arrest. Now the Rosiles family is afraid to stay in their own home, fearful the same men will come back.

"Because of a parking spot. Because they weren't supposed to park there, they almost destroyed our family," said Rosiles.

Cincinnati Police say are assigning and investigator to the case and are following up on leads.

If you have any information, you are encouraged to contact them at 513-352-3576.

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