Laci Peterson's Family Testifies

Laci Peterson's mother was on the witness stand today in the first day of the penalty phase in Scott Peterson's trial. Spectators in the courtroom broke down in tears. The jurors, who are being asked to put Scott Peterson to death, broke down in sobs.

Lacy Peterson's mother Sharon Rocha poured out her anger and her grief on the witness stand, as she sat face to face with Scott Peterson. She said she cried most of the day on the first mother's day since the murder. The courtroom was riveted. A number of jurors themselves broke down in sobs.

Rocha cried out in a loud voice "she was taken away from me divorce is always an option, not murder." Sharon Rocha was one of four family members to testify. Laci Petersons step father, Ron Grantski said "part of our hearts are gone nothing will ever be the same again," her half sister Amy Rocha broke down saying "I still cant imagine the rest of my life going on without her." Brent Rocha said of his sister "I've never heard her more excited than the day she called me to tell me she was pregnant. She was going to be a great mother."

Meanwhile in his opening statement the prosecutor Dave Harris told jurors they would learn what it was like for the family to wonder what happened to Laci, with her husband Scott, the person who killed her, in their midst. Harris told jurors "the only appropriate and just penalty is death." Peterson had no visual reaction during the testimony, his lawyer Mark Geragos told the court he'll make his opening statement when the defense case begins.