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UC photojournalist student arrested while freelancing in Ferguson during riots

Photo by Coulter Loeb/The Cincinnati Herald Photo by Coulter Loeb/The Cincinnati Herald
Photo by Coulter Loeb/The Cincinnati Herald Photo by Coulter Loeb/The Cincinnati Herald
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In the mix of the chaos in Ferguson, a local photojournalist captured some incredible images, and then spent Tuesday night in jail.
Coulter Loeb says he was just doing his job as a journalist when he was arrested.  He's in Ferguson snapping photos, and freelancing with The Cincinnati Herald, an African American newspaper.
Loeb has seen firsthand the protests get out of control.
"Police fired tear gas into that crowd, and probably about 5 or 10 minutes later, came under fire, gunfire, from either flank," Loeb told FOX19 via Skype on Wednesday.
Loeb is a University of Cincinnati photojournalism student, and he's in the thick of it all while taking his pictures.  He lived through the Queen City's riots, and when he saw what was escalating in Ferguson, he headed that way.
"He wanted to know if we'd be interested in having some pictures from the incidents, the civil unrest, in Ferguson.  I said, ‘Absolutely,'" said Dan Yount, editor-in-chief of The Cincinnati Herald.
On Tuesday night, Loeb was at a protest he said started peacefully.  As police tried to clear people sitting and resting in parking lots, the unrest started.  He says the media was moved into a designated area so police could control protestors.  As it escalated, the media was asked to leave, and Loeb says he obliged as police started moving the crowds.
"I told him, 'Please don't assault me.'  He pushed me again with his baton.  I said again, 'Please don't assault me,'" Loeb said.
He says the crowd was made up of more than 150 journalists, nearly matching the number of protestors.  Minutes later, he was on his way to jail with a few other journalists.
"He asked me if I wanted to go to jail.  I said, 'No.' He arrested me after that, and threw me in the back of a paddywagon," said Loeb.
Loeb is still there shooting pictures.  He plans to return home to his native Cincinnati in the coming days.
"I think that shows a lot of determination.  Reporters have to go into the midst of things, and sometimes unpleasant and dangerous situations,"
said Yount.
Loeb was let out of jail early Wednesday morning without being charged.  However, he was told that could change in the next 30 days.  He spent about six hours in custody.
Several other journalists have been arrested during the protests in Ferguson.  Last week, President Barack Obama said that police "should not be bullying or arresting
reporters" doing their jobs, as he put it.

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