Bush: Belated Thank You

Bush in belated thank-you for Canada's Nine-Eleven hospitality

President Bush is delivering a belated "thank-you" to Canada today for the hospitality it showed stranded Americans after Nine-Eleven.

The president's flying to Halifax, Nova Scotia -- one of several Canadian cities that together hosted more than 30-thousand passengers after some 200 US-bound flights were diverted. The stop wraps up a two-day Canadian visit that's featured warm words of friendship from Prime Minister Paul Martin -- and a series of anti-Bush demonstrations. Several thousand marched in Ottawa, mostly to protest the Iraq War. And there were scattered clashes with police.

However, aides say Bush will use his Halifax speech today to maintain Canada is America's natural ally in the war on terror. At a news conference yesterday, he said the two countries share a history, a border, a commitment to freedom -- "and a willingness to defend it in times of peril."