Grand City Experiment aims to make Cincy more welcoming

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Grand City Experiment begins Wednesday, inviting Cincinnatians to participate in a major 'experiment' aimed to make the city a more welcoming place for transplants and visitors.

Whether it be through inviting a new friend to dinner or buying a stranger coffee, The Grand City Experiment is challenging Cincinnati residents to go out of their way to make someone else feel at home in The Queen City.

Here's how it works: The Grand City Experiment is a month-long project where participants receive daily emails detailing a simple activity, or challenge, to perform that day.

"Think of the ripple effect we could create together if thousands of us did one simple challenge each day for an entire month," the project website states.

You've probably heard the tired local stereotype that when a Cincinnatian asks where you went to school they mean high school - not college. The project's mission is to crush the all-too-familiar, and maybe inaccurate, notion that Cincinnati is a very native-oriented city.

"Greater Cincinnati is friendly, but friendliness does not always equal welcoming. We have allowed pride in our neighborhoods, high schools and demographics to drive a wedge between us," the website reads.

It goes on to state the perceived insular nature of the city could be repelling skilled employees and talent away from Cincinnati.

The experiment aims to inspire residents to reach out and show others how awesome Cincinnati can be – no matter where they're from.

Details of the daily challenges remain a mystery until they are emailed to participants beginning Oct. 1. Organizers are encouraging participants to share their experiences on social media.

C-Change Class 9, a leadership program with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, are the masterminds behind the experiment. Members of the year-long program have tasked themselves with making Cincinnati more welcoming, according to the website.

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