Ohio attorney general appoints head prosecutor for Walmart shooting case

Chief Trial Council Attorney Mark Piepmeier (Photo: FOX19)
Chief Trial Council Attorney Mark Piepmeier (Photo: FOX19)

BEAVERCREEK, OH (FOX19) - It's been three weeks since John Crawford was shot right inside a Beavercreek Walmart.

After making requests, his family has finally seen the surveillance video of how it all went down. but they were only shown bits and pieces.

Even though they say they've seen enough to know the shooting of Crawford was unjust. Surveillance video from Aug. 5 Walmart shooting in Beavercreek, has now been viewed by the family of one of the two people killed that night.

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"I was speechless, I am still in disbelief, I am still number, after I saw the video," said John Crawford II.

John Crawford II is the father of John Crawford III, who police say refused to put down his pellet gun, mistaken for a real gun, which forced officers to shoot him.

After viewing the video for themselves, Crawford's family says that's not what happened.

"As John was shot he was holding the BB gun, butt in hand, barrel pointed at the floor.  The video shows that John made no aggressive movements towards the police, and that he was shot almost immediately upon their arrive," said Michael Wright, Crawford family attorney.

The Crawford's now want this video to become available to the public but Ohio's attorney general, Mike DeWine refuses.

"We don't want to stain any trial that might occur later, we don't want to  taint the grand jury that will be meeting in this room in a few weeks," said DeWine.

DeWine appointed chief trial counsel attorney, Mark Piepmier, from Hamilton County to be the special prosecutor for the case.

DeWine believes Piepmier's experience with more than 200 homicide cases, including other officer involved shootings makes him a good man for the job.

Crawford's family says they need the U.S. Department of Justice to get involved to ensure a fair trial, because right now, DeWine is still controlling the investigation and court trial.

DeWine says through, it doesn't matter where you go, people will be fair.

"People try their best to get it right. And I believe the grand juries will come in this room, who will be listening to the evidence and viewing the video, who will see very piece of evidence that BCI was able to uncover, I think they will do what's right," DeWine said.

The special grand jury proceeding is set to begin on Sept. 22.

As for the two officers involved, one of them, Sgt. David Darkow is back on Patrol.

FOX19 doesn't know if he was in fact the man who shot Crawford or if it was the other officer on scene, officer Sean Williams.

FOX19 reached out to the city about this and are still waiting for a response.

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