Eminent Domain Fight Continues in Norwood

A Norwood couple trying to save their home from being torn down got some bad news today.  A judge refused to put development plans on hold, while the homeowners keep  fighting what's called eminent domain. 
     The city of Norwood and developers have won the right to clear out 65 homes in what they call a deteriorating neighborhood so they can build a mall.
     But Joy and Carl Gamble say the city has no right to take the home they've lived in for 35 years just so they can replace it with a big business.

"It's the only home we've ever owned...both grew up in rental properties 2 families 4 families tenaments," said Joy Gamble.

It's been a place of comfort and memories, memories that now are bitter sweet.

"It's bitter sweet every morning we wake up," said Carl Gamble.

In court the Gambles are fighting the city's decision to classify their neighborhood as deteriorating, which has cleared the way for developers to come in and build a mall called Rookwood Exchange.

"You can look around and see from the outside it's a well built home they don't make em like this anymore," said Carl.

But time for that fight seems to be running out a judge has now ruled 90 day eviction notices will stay in place.
"The city of Norwood is looking out for the best interest of their community as a whole...and that is greater the Gamble's residence,"  said Richard Tranter, a lawyer for Developers.
Tranter says every one of the neighborhoods 65 other home owners are happy to sell their homes to developers for more than double what they're worth.

"65 versus 1 that's a pretty dominant majority that is speaking to the issue," said Tranter

But the gambles aren't interested in money.
"Well I guess till the end we said it from the beginning...we'll fight it to the end, we'll see what happens," said Mr. Gamble.