Driver allegedly left Lebanon students on hot bus

(FOX19 File photo)
(FOX19 File photo)

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - A bus driver with Lebanon schools is out of a job after he allegedly forced students to remain aboard a bus in stifling heat and he may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Students from Berry Intermediate School were aboard a school bus on their way home Monday afternoon when the bus driver made an unscheduled stop in 90-degree heat. What allegedly happened afterwards is making several parents very upset.

One of those parents is Erik Rask, whose 11 year-old daughter was on the bus, described the incident to FOX19 NOW.

"My daughter told me the kids were being kind of rowdy so the bus driver pulled over to the side and told them all to put their windows up and told them he was going to let them sit there until their brains melted," described Rask. The kids allegedly sat in the hot bus for about 20-minutes."

Rask says initially he got angry, but then sat his daughter down to make sure the story was accurate.

"I kind of questioned it and sat her down and told her it was a serious issue and a serious allegation and just to make sure she wasn't exaggerating, said Rask.

Rask and other parents complained to Lebanon school officials who reported it to police and took action.

"The school had already taken action against the bus driver to prohibit him from driving buses until their investigation was completed," Lebanon Police Sgt. Dave Gehringer says.

That investigation was completed Wednesday afternoon. The bus driver, who hasn't been named, turned in his resignation during a personnel hearing following the investigation. The school has accepted the resignation.

Sgt. Gehringer says the district's findings are being turned over to a Lebanon police investigator so they can interview victims and determine if a crime occurred.

Gehringer says it will be up to the Lebanon City Prosecutor to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

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