Dearborn County rounds up deadbeat parents

A dozen of the 22 people arrested Friday. (Dearborn County)
A dozen of the 22 people arrested Friday. (Dearborn County)

DEARBORN COUNTY, IN (FOX19) - In Southeast Indiana Friday, the Dearborn and Ohio County prosecutor's office launched a roundup of parents who owe back child support.

The warrant list contained the names of 35 parents who owed a total of $506,150.72 in child support. The 35 men and women could have been arrested at anytime, anywhere for non-payment.

Amanda Garrison got a rude awakening Friday morning when police knocked on the door of a home in Dillsboro. Amanda owes more than $1,800 in back support.

Amanda was not shy with reporters as she was escorted out the front door.

"It's what you have when you have deadbeat dads that don't let you see your children. That's why I don't pay my child support because I don't get to see my child. He disrespects me," said Amanda.

One parent on the warrant list owed $91,570 in child support.

Dearborn and Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard says this round up isn't about the parents, it's about their kids.

"We want to do what's in the best interest of the child and get money in the hands of the custodial parents so they can take care of their children," said Negangard.

A county amnesty program will keep parents like Paul Colen, who was arrested for owing $9,500 in back child support, away from prosecution.

The amnesty program allows those who can't afford to write a check for the full amount to schedule payments. Parents who are out of work can enroll in Indiana's Work One jobs program and Negangard says they're also required to take a personal finance course.

"The idea would be to help give them the tools necessary to kind of get this problem behind them," Negangard explains.

Dearborn County investigators said they will not arrest everyone on the warrant list in one day because the deadbeat parents will try to hide, but investigators say they can't hide forever.

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