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Statement from Liz Rogers' attorney

The following statement was emailed by Attorney Rob Croskery to FOX19 NOW's Jody Barr in response to Mahogany's at The Banks being evicted. Croskery represents Liz Rogers, owner of the restaurant. 

"The letter illegally sent to the media today, which was probably improperly leaked by a city employee (a peril of doing business with the City), contains numerous misstatements. It alleges a breach of the lease for a failure to open 5 pm Friday, when, in fact the taxes were paid so that the restaurant could meet Jeffrey Anderson's artificial deadline of 5 pm Friday. Moreover, closure by the STATE does not breach the lease; only a voluntary closure by the owner. Indeed, the scheduled entertainment showed up Friday night, but was postponed to Saturday night because of absence of customers. Moreover, the lease was not breached by a failure to pay rent last month. In spite of enormous, damaging, adverse publicity, the rent was paid, last month, in full. There are some other charges that are in dispute, and some inflated late charges with which we disagree.

Moreover, Mahoganys has performed miraculously well given the persistent attacks it has received. The city leaks and defamatory statements are far more than any other business in town has had to bear, and essentially show the danger of mixing business and politics when certain parties have a political agenda.

Liz Rogers has outstanding food, a great business plan, and has brought in the best restaurant talent in the city to help with upgrades. The adverse publicity has already chased off three potential major investors in this worthwhile endeavor. But hope springs eternal that the great people of Cincinnati will get behind and support this enterprise, in spite of the obvious antagonism of certain parties who, for reasons best known to themselves, have obstructed this small business at every turn."

Original story: Mahogany's landlord files eviction notice

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