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Employee claims too much drama at the 'No Drama Lounge'

The 'No Drama Lounge' in Springfield Township. (FOX19) The 'No Drama Lounge' in Springfield Township. (FOX19)

A certain level of ‘rowdiness' could be expected working in a bar. While police say one Springfield Township bar isn't necessarily a trouble spot, a one former employee says she feared for her life.

"When two people got shot is when I said this is not cool anymore. You really need to consider hiring some security to protect your patrons and your employees," said a former bartender at the No Drama Lounge in Springfield Township.

She says after a shooting Saturday night, she asked her boss for a security guard.

"She told me that if I didn't agree with how she ran her business and if I didn't feel safe at my job that she did not want me working there anymore," said the bartender.

Police reports show there were 24 calls to the bar over the last eight months, eight of them became violent, and one included a samurai sword.

Bar owner Barbara Thompson says those incidents are rare and isolated. According to her, the shooting Saturday involved a private party and guests that do not normally frequent her establishment.

Thompson says the No Drama Lounge maintains crowds of 45 people or less and her other employees have no problem handling the crowds.

Springfield Township police say right now, the No Drama Lounge is not a nuisance but this bartender fears if nothing is done, more patrons could be hurt.

"It is a big deal. It needs to be made a big deal because people's safety is concerned here," said the bartender.

It is not uncommon for bars to operate without security, according to the Springfield Township police. They say any violence in any of their neighborhood bars is rare.

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