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New alarm app sends wake-up call...from a stranger

Via Flikr: Johnboymg Via Flikr: Johnboymg
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A new alarm app is getting a lot of attention for its awkward approach to waking you sends you a wake up call from a stranger!

Technology media blog Mashable says the app, called Wakie, matches up users from around the world to wake eachother up.

According to the article from Mashable, users of the app are divided into two groups--wakies and sleepyheads--the wakies being the ones making the calls and the sleepyheads being the ones woken up.

If you choose to be one of the users doing the waking, the app sends you a push notification that someone needs to be woken up.

All of the users are kept anonymous and there is a backup system that sends an automated wake-up call in case no wakies are available at a specific time.

To see the app in action, visit the Mashable website.

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