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Harry Black becomes Cincinnati city manager

Harry Black is now the City of Cincinnati City Manager.

Black comes from Maryland where he was previously the Finance Director for the City of Baltimore.

During a press conference weeks ago, Black said that if he becomes city manager, the city will "become the jobs Mecca of the state and the envy of the nation."

While working in Richmond, Virginia, he earned the name "pit bull" for his no non-sense style.

The position is essentially the chief administrator for the city. All department heads report to the city manager. The city manager also proposes the city's budget and appoints and removes other administrators.

Tied to this story is a new proposed way of government by Councilmember Chris Smitherman.

Currently, the city of Cincinnati functions under a council-manager system, meaning the city manager runs the city on a day to day basis. Last week, Councilman Smitherman proposed a mayor-council government, meaning the mayor would take on a more powerful role making Black his Chief Executive Officer.

Black says he has discussed the proposal with Mayor Cranley.

"We've spoken briefly about it but the beautiful part about that is any change like that is the result of the will of the people. Voters make those decisions and if that is the will of the people, I'm willing to work with that and deal with it. The work is not going change," said Black.

If voters approved the change in government, it likely wouldn't come until at least 2016. Black says if it is done right, the mayor-council form of government has its benefits.

"The key is preparation and due diligence," said Black.

Black's official start date is currently set for September 8th. His annual salary will be $248,000.

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