Ghost Auction

Woman auctions father's ghost on eBay to ease son's fears

An Indiana woman is selling her father's ghost on eBay. Mary Anderson says the unusual auction is to calm her six-year-old son, who is terrified that his grandfather's ghost will haunt their house. He refuses to go anywhere in the home alone. In her description on the online auction site, she says, "This isn't a joke." In her posting, Anderson says her son Collin told her, "Grandpa died here and he was mean. His ghost is still around." She reassures bidders that her father "was the sweetest, most caring man you'd ever meet." She's also put her father's metal cane up for auction, so the winning bidder will get something concrete. She also asks the winner to write a letter to her son confirming the ghost has moved and is "getting along great" with his new owner. The ghost has passed the 75-dollar mark.

The auction ends Monday.