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Price Hill homeowner fed up with city fines, sells home on ebay

The ebay bid Thursday night was $3,650 The ebay bid Thursday night was $3,650

John Hall from North Carolina says he bought this home in Price Hill planning to retire there. It's a run down property that as a contractor he planned to fix up.

But just one year and $35,000 later, he's giving up refusing to pay the city one more dime.

You can find it on eBay. The current bid running just under $4,000. John Hall bought the house for $19,500.

"It's a waste of my effort here," said Hall.

Hall says he inherited thousands of dollars in civil fines on the vacant property from the previous owner but even after he cleaned it up, the city refused to drop all of the fines.

"By the time I got finished paying fees and fines and then fixed up the house to make it a nice place to live, I would have far more money in the house than it would ever be worth," said Hall.

"He had done extensive work on it but none of that had been confirmed by the city to make sure the building was safe at this point," said Tom Beridon, Chief Hearing Examiner for the City of Cincinnati.

While Hall did make improvements like rebuilding the roof and running new plumbing, Beridon says no one had inspected it creating more fines and more headaches for both sides.

"It gets frustrating when someone says well I've done all this good work on the building but you are just like everyone else. You have to have the inspections done," said Beridon.

Now Hall says he's cutting his loses and staying in North Carolina. A man once trying to contribute to a failing neighborhood believes his efforts may be of better use elsewhere.

"When you get people in there that are trying to fix them up, come and visit them and say 'How do we help you?' not ‘How do we fine you and take all your money so you can't fix up your own property?" said Hall.

The city says the take away here is for potential buyers to research the outstanding orders against the home they wish to purchase before they buy it and when they correct the issues, bring it to the attention of an inspector. You can research the property by address here.


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