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UC students fighting back against campus crime

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Over the last week, police patrols around the University of Cincinnati have been increased due to a string of robberies victimizing 10 people, several of them being students.

On Monday, police notified students that a fellow student was groped by a man on Joselin Avenue who fled from the scene, as well as several unrelated burglaries that have happened around East University Avenue and Eden Avenue in apartments.

In those break-ins, suspects have made their way inside second floor apartments through balcony doors. In a separate alert earlier in the day, students were notified that another student was assaulted by being shot in the face with a pellet gun on Calhoun Street.

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The university is committed to hiring more police officers, as well as several other safety initiatives, but the students they protect aren't just sitting back and not trying to help themselves.

"I don't think we should put our students, our peers, in danger, or anything like that. I think that's something that really needs to change," said Jeff Schomaker, a UC student.

Schomaker is one student trying to make a difference as he's vying for a spot on the university's Student Safety Board.

"I think the image around UC has a bad connotation because of the crime," Schomaker said.

That's the image the group wants to shed.

"This is one of the main concerns that I get from students is our safety, especially with some of the things that have happened over the past couple of weeks," said Christina Beer, student body president.

The group has cultivated the NightRide nighttime shuttle service, and has continued to carry on the school's "Be Smart. Be Safe." initiative.

"Now we kind of want to be more of a resource to the students. We want them to come to us with safety concerns and us connect to the right resources," said Liv Dulle, president of the Student Safety Board.

It's a resource they hope students will feel comfortable using.

"We are students. We understand what students are going through. We see that things are going to happen. We really can related in that matter," said Dulle.

They recognize the crime issue filling up campus inboxes with almost daily alerts and campus officials recognize the same.

The university is hiring 24 more police officers and 10 security officers for campus and the in the surrounding neighborhoods. Students in criminal justice classes are helping the

department analyze crime data to identify crime-heavier areas around campus. New security cameras and lighting are also being installed in the area.

It's a collaboration with one goal in mind.

"If they're not feeling very safe, how can we make them feel safer? If they do feel safe, how can we promote that and make sure other students see that," said Shivam Shah, UC's student body vice-president.

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