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Students face expulsion over Metro bus fight

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Two Western Hills High School students are facing expulsion and possibly criminal charges after a melee on a city bus that was all caught on camera.
The minute-long video shows a routine ride home from school, gone in the wrong direction.
"It started because he threw an ink pen," said Shamell Dowdell, sister of the victims.
Dowdell says her sisters, one 13-years old and the other 14-years old, were picked on during a ride home from Western Hills High School last week by older kids sitting in the back of the bus throwing objects at them.
When one of them stood up to tell them to stop, the fight broke out, according to family members.
"It went from just one or two people throwing things, to 9 or 10 people hitting, kicking and pulling of the hair - just an all-out brawl," said Dowdell.
It's a brawl she says was instigated by people her sisters didn't even know.  Two fellow students are now facing expulsion.
"They need to have charges pressed.  They need to know that, 'oh yeah, you're going to jump some kids?  We'll give you vacation from school.'  No.  That's not enough," Dowdell told FOX19.
The whole incident was posted to social media.  Dowdell was tagged in the video that left her sisters bleeding, one of them unable to feel her face.
"When I'm at work and somebody tags me in a video, and I'm seeing how hurt my sisters are, and seeing how much pain somebody is purposely inflicting on them and there's nothing I can do to help it - that hurts," she said.
A Metro spokesperson tells FOX19 NOW police and a supervisor were sent to the scene near Harrison and Montana.  Police were called off because the altercation was over when the supervisor arrived.  That person boarded the bus, and no one spoke up to say they were hurt, according to that spokesperson.

The sisters have not been back to school since the incident last week, and their family is exploring the option of possibly homeschooling them for the time being.

A spokesperson for Cincinnati Public Schools tells FOX19 NOW that more students could face discipline for the incident, and criminal charges could be filed in the incident.

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