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Texting and driving radar guns 'close to production'

The ComicSonics, via shuttershock. The ComicSonics, via shuttershock.
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Police in your neighborhood could soon be using radars to detect texting and driving.

ComicSonics, a company in Virginia, says they're "close to production" with the technology. They claim the radar gun can detect the difference between a text, a phone call, and data usage all due to different frequencies the three send out.

Once the technology is ready for production, it would have to gain legal approval at the state level and be accepted by law enforcement. But some local police departments are unsure they would use the radars once they're available.

Sergeant Jon Varley with the Oxford Police Department sees one of the biggest challenges would be when multiple people are inside a vehicle.

"It may or may not be able to pick out who in the vehicle was using it," said Sgt. Jon Varley. He also pointed out it could be difficult to determine the guilty party in a high traffic zone.

The Blue Ash Police Department tells FOX19 NOW that they would not be interested in using this technology because there's just too many unknowns.

Some people believe the radars would push the boundaries of personal space.

"Would it scare me, probably, for sure. Worried about somebody watching me and scanning to see what I'm doing," said Dallas Randall.

Texting laws are different for each state and even though it's not illegal everywhere, research shows that texting and driving causes a fourth of all traffic accidents nationwide. Varley says after some training with the equipment, Oxford could be open to giving it a shot.

"It would be a nice tool to have. I think if used properly and developed properly, it could be very beneficial in helping prevent some accidents," said Varley.

The developers are still trying to answer plenty of questions, including if the radar applies to voice texting.

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