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Chef Renee Schuler's Sopapillas for Cincinnati Zoo's 'Zoofari'

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Chef Renée Schuler of Eat Well is preparing golden, crispy fried sopapillas. The dish is generally served in New Mexico with raw, local honey.

For Zoofari 2014, Flight of Fancy, Eat Well is making a savory preparation, serving them with a delicious fall buffalo pumpkin stew.

When Chef Schuler saw the feathers in the Zoofari logo, she says it reminded her of a Native American headdress, and so wanted to echo that in Eat Well's offering.


3 cups All purpose flour

2 teaspoons Baking powder

1 teaspoon Salt

5 tablespoons Vegetable shortening, chilled

1 ¼ cup Warm milk

2 – 3 quarts Vegetable or canola oil for frying



Tabletop fryer

Yield: 10- 20 pieces depending on size


1. In large bowl, blend flour, baking powder and salt

2. Using a pastry cutter, cusinart or fingertips, cut cold shortening into flour mix

3. Add milk all at once, mix dough quickly with fork or by hand until dough forms a mass

4. Dump dough on floured work surface, knead dough for 1 minute, until it is no longer sticky

5. Cover the dough with a towel and let rest for 10 to 15 minutes, with damp clean kitchen towel or

loosely with plastic wrap

6. Fill and heat fryer to 400 degrees, or heat oil in large pot with high sides, until thermometer

registers 400 degrees

7. Divide the dough in half, keeping the half you are not working with covered, so it does not dry out

8. Roll the dough out to 1/8 of an inch, cut the dough into 4 inch squares and then into triangles.

Dough cannot be re-rolled, so either discard scraps, or fry the same as the properly shaped

sopapillas, (they will be just as good!)

9. When oil has reached correct temperature, line sheet tray with paper toweling and grab kitchen

tongs or a strainer to remove sopapillas from oil, so you are prepared when they are finished.

Then gently place a few sopapillas in the hot oil. Pastry should begin to puff right away. Once

golden and puffed, remove from the oil to the paper towel lined sheet tray to drain. Serve warm with honey on the side, or serve with stew or soup as a delicious quick bread.

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