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Home Depot says 56M customers were hit in data breach

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Home Depot announced on Thursday that 56 million people were affected when the store's payment data system was hacked earlier this year.

It's the largest data breach for a retailer and reports show that Home Depot had no idea for five months that their system had been hacked.

Reports indicate that the stolen information was posted for sale online, and although that is scary for American shoppers, a financial expert says it won't keep people from spending.

"If you're an American, you can't stop shopping," said Nathan Bachrach, FOX19 NOW's financial expert.

Home Depot company officials are confident that no debit card ID numbers were compromised, but Bachrach says it's still smarter to shop with a credit card.

"If you're debit card gets hacked then all of a sudden the money's gone and when the bank figures out what the problem is and puts the money back into the account, what are you going to have to do in order to pay the bills," said Bachrach.

Bachrach suggests keeping a close eye on your credit report and make sure that your identity has not been stolen.

Just this year, other major companies including Target, P.F. Chang's, AT&T, and Sally Beauty Supply have been hacked.

"I probably would have paid with cash," said Ellery Lewis, who claims his sister is a victim of the massive breach. Lewis said her bank put a freeze on her card due to the purchases at Home Depot.

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