Oxford Football Violence

A knife fight this weekend at Miami University ended with several students, including star football player Michael Larkin, in the hospital. 
     Fox 19 has learned it's the second violent fight in 6 months involving Miami football players.   Now two national anti-violence groups are questioning the University's discipline of athletes.

One student whose been involved in both fights says he's being targeted by the Miami football team.  He says players rule the school by intimidation and get away with it because they're stars.             
   Police searched the Morris Fraternity house Monday night looking for clues after 4 students including football star Michael Larkin---were stabbed there early Sunday morning.   It happened during a large group fight sparked by a disagreement over parking. 
     It's the second time one of the injured students---named Vashon Williams--has gone to the hospital following a fight with football players.   Back in April, Vashon says he was jumped at a bar called Pachinko by at least 5 members of the team.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to him before where people have jumped him," said Williams' mother Shela Perry Williams.
  The University says 3 football players were placed on disciplinary probation following that fight.  The athletic department says it took action too.
     "I know they faced internal punishment from the coaching staff as well," said Mike Harris a spokesperson for the Athletic Department.

But Vashon's mother fears the players are being protected.  She says 4 weeks after her son filed charges with the Oxford police the coach and his players filed counter charges and began pressuring her son to drop the whole thing.
    "I felt like the athletes were being supported but who was supporting my son," said Perry Williams.

Now she's enlisted the help of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes as well as a group called  Security on Campus who say they're demanding answers.
     Meanwhile Miami's Athletic Department says the football coach, Terry Hoeppner, has always been very firm when it comes to problems with players.
"You'll notice he's always taken the stance that if they're in the wrong, thatt he punishes them as harsh as the school system does itself.  That's just what Miami University stands for," said Harris.

It's important to note Michael Larkin was not involved in the bar fight that happened back in April, and no charges have been filed in connection with Sunday's stabbings.