Netflix purposefully releases dozens of spoilers

Photo via Netflix website.
Photo via Netflix website.

(FOX19) - Netflix is getting in the business of spoilers, hoping to change the way people think about them.

The TV and movie streaming company released dozens of endings to movies and tv shows this week, encouraging people to think differently about spoilers.

Since Netflix's model is based on releasing an entire series at once, people are able to watch shows in the time frame of their choosing. This can obviously lead to a lot of spoiled endings. Which is why the company is trying to change the way people think about spoilers, by making them fun.

The new spoiler site also allows users to take a quiz about which type of 'spoiler' they are.

Haven't seen the ending of Breaking Bad? Never got around to watching American Psycho? Not yet caught up on The Walking Dead? Be warned. Netflix has made these endings readily available for viewing.

Want to spoil yourself? Visit the Netflix spoilers website.

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