School bus collides with Jeep in Preble County, ends up in ditch

(FOX19 NOW, Brett Hoffland)
(FOX19 NOW, Brett Hoffland)
(FOX19 NOW, Brett Hoffland)
(FOX19 NOW, Brett Hoffland)
(FOX19 NOW, Brett Hoffland)
(FOX19 NOW, Brett Hoffland)

PREBLE COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Three people were injured Tuesday in a school bus crash in Preble County, Ohio.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. on Ohio Route 177. Officials say 22 students from Eaton Community Schools were on the bus when it collided with a Jeep then ended up in a ditch.

One student suffered a sprained wrist and two Miami University students inside the jeep were reportedly transported to the hospital. Their injuries were minor, according to authorities.

The 21 students were taken home in another bus and the injured student was picked up by a family member, officials say.

Parents of some kids who were on the bus have concerns about this intersection.

"As far as I know no one has been killed out here yet and eventually with one of these serious incidents, it's going to happen," said Robert Smith, whose son was on the bus when it crashed.

"I was reaching over when I hear the bus driver scream. We just jerked forward and the next thing I know we're in the ditch. Paramedics came up just about one minute after we crashed. They were nearby and they heard us so luckily they were here very quickly," said Nathanial, the student on board who received a sprained wrist in the crash.

Smith says his wife was previously involved in a crash at the intersection of 177 and Oxford Germantown Road.

"The stop sign right here was disregarded, someone pulled out and she t-boned them and luckily was wearing her seatbelt. But it is a very dangerous intersection," said Smith.

Smith says he's thankful no one was seriously injured in Tuesday's bus crash, but he adds that he believes it's time for ODOT to do something about the intersection.

"You got a blind hill with a speed limit of 55, you've got a heavily wooded corner right here where I think half of the trees need to be chopped down," said Smith.

The Preble County Sheriff's Office says the driver of the Jeep received a failure to yield citation.

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