Paige Johnson disappearance: Four years later and still no answers

Johnson would be 21-years-old this year. (Provided photo)
Johnson would be 21-years-old this year. (Provided photo)
A chalk mural of Johnson at Covington's Goebel Park on the four year anniversary of her disappearance. (FOX19)
A chalk mural of Johnson at Covington's Goebel Park on the four year anniversary of her disappearance. (FOX19)

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Another year and still no more answers for a northern Kentucky family desperately trying to solve the mystery of their loved one's disappearance.

Friends and family of Paige Johnson gathered Tuesday night at Goebel Park in Covington on the fourth anniversary of her disappearance.

"It's sad. It hurts my heart," said Johnson's sister, Brittany Haywood.

Four years later, signs still hang in Covington storefronts begging for information about Paige Johnson's disappearance.

"This is a continuing, very open and active investigation. There's no such thing as a cold case as far as the Paige Johnson investigation is concerned," said Spike Jones, Chief of the Covington Police Department.

Police have followed up on leads and tips in the last year but, they've all turned up nothing.

"We have no answers. We have no clue where she's at. She has a daughter who's six years old who has to grow up without a mom," said Haywood

Haywood says she was one of the last to see her before her disappearance. She tells FOX19 NOW Johnson was supposed to head to Covington to meet up with her that night, which never happened.

A man named Jacob Bumpass told police he dropped Johnson off on at 15th and Scott in Covington before her disappearance. He has not been named a suspect.

"Everybody wants answers. We just need those individuals to come forward and provide those," said Dave Rader of Texas Equusearch, who has helped in the search for Johnson.

The questions about her disappearance are eating away at her family.

"This has totally destroyed my mother. She's like a zombie. She can't function in day to day life. She's totally broken," said Haywood.

Remembering Johnson at Goebel Park, her family holds out hope that someday soon, they'll get the big break they're hoping for.

"Somebody needs to say something. We're a family that's totally broken," Haywood told FOX19 NOW.

Johnson disappeared when she was 17-years old. She would be 21-years old today. She has been declared legally dead. If you know anything about her disappearance, call the Covington Police Department at 859-292-2222, or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST.

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