Good morning Tri-State! We've got several days of warm, dry weather ahead. Tune in to FOX19 NOW

It certainly feels like fall this morning but there are a lot of warm, dry days ahead. Tune in with FOX19 NOW's Meteorologist Catherine Bodak for the 7-day forecast.

The Cheesecake Factory and three other restaurants are set to open at Liberty Center, a $350 million development project in Liberty Township. Check out what else you can expect to see there:

Today Cincinnati's budget and finance committee will be talking about Mahogany's and a proposal from restaurant Liz Rogers. The entire council is talking about ways to protect taxpayer investment following the restaurants recent closure. Rogers has asked the city to forgive the money she owes, in exchange for money from the $12,000 in equipment in the restaurant.


Feeling tired this morning? Starbucks is trying out a latte that it says has the "savory toasty malt" flavor of a foamy mug stout. The "Dark Barrel Latte" is being tested in a handful of stores in Ohio and Florida.

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