Co-defendant describes Justin Back murder plot in testimony

Timothy Mosley took the stand in a Warren County courtroom on Friday. (FOX19)
Timothy Mosley took the stand in a Warren County courtroom on Friday. (FOX19)

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - "Through the panicking and the fight, I pulled out my knife and started to stab Justin in the back."

That was a quote from chilling testimony given on Thursday by Timothy Mosley, one of the men accused of murdering 18-year-old Justin Back in January of this year.

Mosley, who has pleaded guilty, took the stand to testify against his co-defendant, Austin Myers, as part of a deal to avoid the death penalty. Prosecutors say Mosley and Myers, both 19, admitted to creating an elaborate plan to kill Back.

In front of a judge and Myers, Mosley detailed how they planned to strangle Back to death before dumping his body and making it appear as if Back had run away from his Waynesville home.

"The idea of strangling him. That way it would create no mess, pretty much be an easier job to handle," Mosley said as Warren County prosecutor David Fornshell presented a notebook that contained handwritten notes by Mosley.

Among the notes was a list of items the men would need to carry out the murder, which included duct tape, wire, and a crow bar to open a safe the suspects knew was inside Back's parents' home.

Mosley detailed how Back pleaded for his life as he and Myers struggled to choke him with a wire. That same wire, which Mosley admitted to making himself, was presented in court on Friday. He then admitted to stabbing Back with a knife when the strangling did not go as planned.

Back's body was dumped in Preble County.

Myers and Mosley indicted on nine counts, including aggravated murder and kidnapping. The Warren County prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for Myers.

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