Former fire chief files suit against Lincoln Heights city manager

Former fire chief files suit against Lincoln Heights city manager

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, OH (FOX19) - The former chief of the Lincoln Heights Fire Department has filed a federal lawsuit against the city manager regarding the shut down of emergency services there.

Filed yesterday by Jonah Holbrook, the lawsuit accuses city manager Stephanie Dumas of knowing about the insurance issues that forced the departments to close this week since July.

He also accuses Dumas of firing him for warning employees that they could lose their jobs over the insurance issues.

According to the lawsuit, Holbrook emailed the employees in his department in July, saying that they could potentially be out of a job. In August, Dumas allegedly met with Holbrook and told him that, by sending that email, he revealed confidential information. Holbrook says she called the action "disruptive" and "insubordinate" and asked him to resign. When Holbrook refused, she allegedly placed him on paid leave pending an investigation. Days later, Holbrook says Dumas fired him over the phone.

FOX19 NOW has obtained a copy of a letter sent to Stephanie Dumas from Public Entities Pool of Ohio, Lincoln Heights' insurer, which reveals the legal issues the Village has had. The letter reads in part:

    PEP has had several discussion with you and other village officials relative to the frequency and nature of the claims against your village...including 13 separate claims for employment related issues...and 23 claims for allegations of wrongful arrests and violations of civil rights.

The letter continues:

    ....your membership in the Public Entities Pool of Ohio is terminated effective 10-2-2014.

The fire department reopened Friday. The police department is still closed at this time.

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