New brewery in Covington breaks fundraising record

New brewery in Covington breaks fundraising record

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Braxton Brewing Company, a new brewery located in Covington, is already setting records before the first official keg has even been tapped.

Braxton broke Kickstarter's record for amount of money raised by a brewery in a 24-hour period. The Kickstarter, an online crowdfunding platform, had reached its $30,000 goal just 35 hours after it opened on Tuesday.

"We didn't think that was even possible and now we're on track to break the record for the most funded brewery on the entire platform," said co-founder and CEO Jake Rouse.

Rouse and his brother Evan are opening at 7th Street in Covington this winter. The location will house the production along with a 20-tap room where visitors will also be able to take growlers and cans home.

"We will never send a bad or sub-par batch of beer out of this facility," said co-founder and Head Brewer Evan in a video posted on their Kickstarter campaign. Founding Braxton stemmed from Evan's stint at the Newport Hofbrauhaus as well as success with home-brewing.

"We started entering the beers into competitions and they were winning. Once we started winning a few medals we decided we were actually going to pursue opening a business," Evan told FOX19 NOW.

Richard Dube, formerly of Christian Moerlein, has signed on with Braxton as Brewmaster and co-founder.

Combine Dube's 35 years in the brewery businesses with Jake's time spent working in tech and you've got a recipe for not only well-crafted beer, but a contemporary beer-drinking experience.

"We're really inspired to create unique technological experiences that people can interact with beer with. We're going to deliver it in a way no one has ever seen before," said Jake.

He calls Braxton Brewing Company the "tap room of the future."

Their modern approach is already evident in the use of Kickstarter, a decision the brothers said was made in hopes of getting in touch with a loyal customer base.

So far, that loyal base includes the more than 300 backers who have pitched in on the Kickstarter. Double-digit pledgers are rewarded with Braxton swag and higher dollar amounts receive limited behind-the-scenes brewery experiences.

Braxton will join the handful of other breweries that continue to enrich Greater Cincinnati's brewing traditions.

Evan says an American IPA will be one of their inaugural beers introduced this winter.

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