Local veteran gets home makeover

Local veteran gets home makeover

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An aging veteran's home is falling down around him but thankfully volunteers with Team Depot and People Working Cooperatively have jumped in to save the day.

From Sept. 11 through Veterans Day, Team Depot repairs more than 1,000 veteran homes nationwide at no cost to them. Last week, employees from Home Depot in Milford and several volunteers went to work on Billy Wallace's home.

Wallace served in the Korean War and is now suffering from the early stages of dementia. His wife Dora is struggling with mobility and the two of them are in desperate need of home repairs.

"He was a veteran. That's all he remembers anymore," said Dora.

"First thing he did when I came over to his house last week was show me the pictures from the ship he was on. He told me about his stories. He's really proud to be a veteran," said Paul Haitsch, Home Depot District Manager for the Cincinnati market.

On Monday, dozens of volunteers began an estimated $15,000 bathroom renovation on the Wallace home.

"We had discovered a real bad water leak around the tub area. In fact, they had been showering and bathing and water had been running through to the basement," said Milford Hope Depot store manager Eric Vornheder.

Aaron Leonard, a US Army Reservist also volunteered his time trimming trees and pulling weeds. As a soldier himself, Leonard said it's the least anyone could do.

"We went through some hard times and for a while we weren't sure whether we were going to make it or not but thankfully we had someone to look out for us so it's good to give back," said Leonard.

Now, thanks the generosity of a community, Billy and Dora have their home back and the peace of mind is music to their ears.

"This is home and i didn't want to have to give it up. It's a miracle. A total miracle," said Dora.

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