National airports, CVG prepare for Ebola risk

CVG prepares for Ebola

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The director of the Northern Kentucky Health Department has said the Ebola gateway to the Cincinnati area could well be our airport here in Hebron.

Although the number of international flights has dwindled to one a day to Paris, that doesn't mean that the risk is reduced. These days travelers change planes multiple times.

United States customs officials and the Centers for Disease Control have joined forces to ratchet up screening of travelers arriving from West Africa to airports across the country.

Officials emphasized that Ebola can't be spread through the air, only through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person showing active symptoms or objects contaminated by those fluids.

If there's an indication of both symptoms and travel history, emergency management teams at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport could be called to assist.

The teams would wear HAZMAT-like suits with gloves and surgical masks and escort the passenger to an isolation area set up by the CDC. Once there, the CDC would investigate further.

Since July, travelers across the country have either been transported to local hospitals or sent to their family doctor when they get home.

Doctors say another key way to keep the disease under control is to immediately isolate suspected cases.

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