82-year-old attacked in Middletown home invasion

82-year-old attacked in Middletown home invasion

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Three men are in jail after police say they brutally beat an 82-year-old man during a home invasion.

Middletown police say it appears the suspects were trying to get money for drugs.

The men stole a coffee can, about $10 worth of loose change, and a TV that they were selling for drugs, according to police documents.

Monday morning started like many others for 82 year old Elmon Booth, but he says that suddenly changed at about 6:30.

"Took my pills, a cup of coffee, and ate a Hostess cupcake and I got sleepy and laid down on the couch and the first thing I know these four guys are trying to kick that door down," said Booth.

Booth says the men broke in by throwing a brick through a back door window that also struck him in the head.

"When I fell to the floor one of them jumped on top of me and started beating on me and he started choking me, then he took his fist and broke my nose," said Booth.

Police arrested Russell Bumgardner, Kyle Peck and Robbie Tester in connection to the violent invasion.

"Anybody who does something like this is cowards," said Linda Scearce.

John Fugate lives nearby and spent much of the day with Booth at his home on Finley Street. He says this isn't the first time there's been a burglary related to drugs in this neighborhood.

"After dark you never see a cop around here and all the time people are robbing people and hurting people," said John Fugate.

Linda Scearce has been involved in the local neighborhood watch in years past, but she says it's time for everyone including police to take this seriously.

"If people could start participating more in what goes on around them, we wouldn't have this innocent man by himself beaten up. We need to know

what's going on at all times in our neighborhood," said Scearce.

The three suspects face felonious assault and burglary charges.

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