Strangers gather at ATM where man was murdered

Strangers gather at ATM where man was murdered

ROSELAWN (FOX19) - An out-of-service ATM is an unlikely venue for a prayer, but an ATM at the corner of Losantiville Avenue and Reading Road in Roselawn was different on Wednesday night.

Just a few weeks ago, it was a crime scene that is now covered in flowers and candles.

Daniel Muscarella, 54, was shot and killed while working on that ATM. Police say it happened after an argument with the suspect, Yonah Israel, 36.

"This is what my heart told me to do for Daniel," said Robin Moore, who organized Wednesday's vigil for Muscarella.

Moore, like the rest of the people who attended, didn't know Muscarella. She's only seen him one time in her life, and that was the day he was murdered.

"When I got up to the traffic light, and I looked over here, I saw him. I saw everything on the ground. I saw him on the ground," Moore said.

Since that day, the murder scene has weighed heavy on her heart and mind. Moore, along with some of the others, understand what Muscarella's family is now living through. They too have lost loved ones to violence.

"He should have went home to his family. His wife shouldn't have had to go to bed that night without her husband. His son shouldn't have had to go to bed without his dad," Moore told FOX19 NOW.

Israel is the lone suspect police have charged in the case. Rev. Pete Mingo, a local pastor, says he has known Israel for years.

"Something happened. Something triggered all of this. Even though he had some problems, he wasn't like this. Something had to happen in his life," said Mingo.

Moore says a detective reached out to Muscarella's family to ask for permission to have the vigil. His wife, according to Moore, gave the go-ahead.

"These flowers that are up here were put out here by people from the community, as well. We care about Daniel and what happened to Daniel out here," said Moore.

Israel is still behind bars, and his case is expected in court next week.

Moore tells FOX19 NOW she hopes to talk with PNC Bank about eventually removing the ATM and putting a memorial in its place.

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