Indiana community sees 20 heroin overdoses in 20 days

Indiana community sees 20 heroin overdoses in 20 days

CONNERSVILLE, IN (FOX19) - The effects of heroin can be seen in the numbers in Connersville, Indiana.

20 overdoses in 20 days, five of them fatal.

Police Chief David Counceller recognizes the numbers are alarming, but says it's a multi-faceted problem. He said the city doesn't have the resources to hire more officers and citizens are not reporting illegal activity often enough.

Chief Counceller also said the drugs likely are coming in from out of state, which makes tracking dealers a lot more difficult.

After the recent spike in overdoses, there is also speculation the heroin supply has likely been mixed with drain cleaner or rat poison.

Connersville resident Kelly Robinson lost her nephew to an overdose last month.

She said something needs to be done before more lives are lost. Robinson has organized a town hall meeting on Thursday at 1 p.m. at Robinson's Campground in Connersville.

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