Dearborn Co. man attacked, robbed while trying to help stranded driver

Man robbed, beaten in Dearborn Co.
This is where Hertel says he was attacked and robbed in Dearborn County. (FOX19)
This is where Hertel says he was attacked and robbed in Dearborn County. (FOX19)

DEARBORN COUNTY, IN (FOX19) - A good samaritan was beaten and robbed while trying to help a stranded driver in Dearborn County, and the suspects are still on the loose.
The victim received about 20 stitches to his head, but is going to be fine, and police say this whole attack appears to be a premeditated plan.
Steve Hertel was driving home from work along Indiana State Route 1 around 6:30 Tuesday morning when he spotted a man waving for help by his car.
"You try to do something good for someone who you think is a disabled motorist," said Hertel.
But while walking to the other vehicle, Hertel says another man ran out from some nearby brush and attacked him.
"Feel a couple whacks on the back of the head and realize I'm being attacked," said Hertel."I got hit about five or six different times in the back of the head, I believe it was either a pipe or a baton."
Hertel said the men demanded his wallet and cell phone, but the two only took a little bit of cash, then sped off. He said he's stopped to help
people in the past, but now he's going to think twice.
"It's kind of sad that it's something you have to look at this day and age," said Hertel.
Police say the suspects car was a bright red Chevy Impala from the early 2000's. One of the suspects is described as a white male, about six feet
tall with a beard, wearing blue jeans and a black jacket.
Sergeant Noel Houze with the Indiana State Police says these crimes aren't common, but something that can happen to anyone.
"It's always a good idea especially in a remote area like this was, it's not a heavily traveled road during that particular time of day. Your instinct
may be to see if you can help someone but it's just too dangerous so the best thing you can do is we're telling people to call 9-1-1," said Sgt. Noel Houze with Indiana State Police.
Hertel says the ironic part is he has his concealed carry license, but wasn't carrying.
"In my own eyes i'm wondering if I should be carrying or not but obviously I'm here today so that's the best thing," said Hertel.
Hertel says he was also able to determine the vehicle had an Indiana "In God We Trust" license plate.
If you have any information on this case, contact Indiana State Police.

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