Robbers Target Cincinnati Councilman

Police say three teenagers tried to rob Cincinnati City Councilman Jim Tarbell downtown in broad daylight. Apparently, one teen approached Tarbell with a knife and demanded all of his money. Tarbell says he didn't give anything to the teen and just laughed, reporting that the teen didn't appear very threatening. Police arrested the boy and two of his friends, and are considering charging them with aggravated robbery.

Tarbell has been the victim of crimes in the past, including an assault four years ago. In that incident, the councilman returned home to find a man hiding in his front yard. When Tarbell confronted the suspect with a broomstick, the man snatched it from him and then hit him on the head with it. Also in 2000, Cincinnati police arrested two men for trying to cash Tarbell's checks.  Officers say the men broke into the councilman's car 11 days earlier and stole the checks and other personal property.