Northern Kentucky elementary school bans birthday snacks

Northern Kentucky elementary school bans birthday snacks

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Schools have different policies for different things, guns, smoking, bullying, and cheating. In Boone County, there are policies on all those issues including cakes and cupcakes where now they're not allowed when celebrating a birthday.

The policy update is only for Burlington Elementary School, but it has people talking all across the district.

"I feel like we're too strict on our kids these days," said Jennifer Springer.

The new policy states that "in order to maximize our instructional time, the birthday child will be recognized during morning announcements, but celebrations will not take place in the school setting".

"A snack once in a while for a birthday party is not going to kill them," said an anonymous Burlington Elementary mother.

"We did it more just to focus on the kid's health and the education," said Valerie Bailey.

Valerie Bailey helped craft this policy and is part of the Burlington Elementary Wellness Committee. According to Child Health Data, Kentucky is the 7th most obese state in the country for children.

"It all relates to the food we eat, the exercise, the healthy habits of the students as well as the teachers and the staff," said Bailey.

But this crackdown on snacks isn't just during birthdays. The policy also states that "if the teacher allows daily classroom snacks, the student must bring a fruit and/or vegetable".

"She's a second grader and they don't eat lunch until two o'clock and to just have an apple or an orange, I think protein or carbohydrates are good for you too," said an anonymous Burlington Elementary mother.

"The original policy that we had was to have pretzels, crackers, fruits, vegetables, different types of things but we had parents wanting to sue us because we were brand specific," said Bailey.

There's been a lot of discussion about the future of school lunches. 90% of districts in the US adopted the federal lunch program, but some local schools have backed out including Fort Thomas. One mother who didn't want to go on camera says in this case, it's all about moderation.

"We are the parents and I think a lot of times in our country the schools are wanting to take over and start to parent the kids and I think we should have the right to decide what our kids eat and not eat," said an anonymous Burlington Elementary mother.

It's unclear if other schools will adopt the policy. FOX19 spoke with the district's spokesperson, but she wouldn't give a comment because of the holiday.

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