Tuberville: "I'm here. I'm not looking for a job."

UC head football coach Tommy Tuberville opened up in his weekly press conference, stressing he will stay at UC and will win with the Bearcats.

"I've got patience, I'm here," said Tuberville. "We're going to win here. We're going to get it done. I'm not looking for a job."

There has been speculation about Tuberville since he arrived at UC in December 2012 that he might leave UC for another job if it opened. Tuberville is in the second year of a five-year contract to coach the Bearcats and has been the center of questions during UC's current three-game losing streak.

"We've got no excuses about how we played. Our coaching, our playing…it's us. Everybody wants a winner. I want a winner. My wife is mad at me. Everybody wants to win, but there's nobody who wants to win more than me and the football team."

The UC defense has allowed more than 40 points in three consecutive games. It's the Bearcats' first three-game losing streak since 2010.

"I take all the blame (for the losses) ," Tuberville added. "I've lost 80 games since I've been a head coach. I take blame for every one of them because that's my job. They hired me to win games. And, you know, it hurts. It hurts hard."

The Bearcats (2-3) play SMU Saturday. Senior Nick Temple said the seniors called a team meeting Sunday.

"Everyone still believes," said Temple. "We've still got eight games left and, yes, I'm including the bowl game. We've got eight more games left and we're going to get it done. Believe me, we're going to get it done."

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