City's Winter plan includes less salt

City's Winter plan includes less salt

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The city of Cincinnati currently has only 30 percent of the salt needed to make it through this winter, officials say.

But that low number does not concern city directors, who are planning to be more strategic this winter than last when Cincinnati saw one of the snowiest seasons in history.

"We're going to take a systematic approach in how we treat the roads," said Maraskeshia Smith, Cincinnati's Deputy Director of Public Works. That means 400 pounds of salt per lane will be used to treat the roads, rather than last winter's 700 pounds.

Smith says motorists will not see a difference in the lower amount of salt. A pre-treatment of beet juice, brine and calcium chloride will be added, components that reduce the amount of salt needed to affect roads.

Only 40,000 tons of salt were contracted by Cincinnati this year compared with 55,000 last winter. The city seeks procurements once the initial amount is used up.

As for the current low supply at the salt mound, Smith says it's a struggle being felt in cities nationwide.

"Because of the weather situation around the country, we used a lot of salt. So the salt mines are depleted. So there is plenty of salt in the world, around the country, but it has to be mined," said Smith.

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