Survey: Kentucky, Ohio home to immature men

Survey: Kentucky, Ohio home to immature men

FOX19 - According to a recent survey, some of the most immature men in the country could be living in the Tri-State area. conducted the poll and found Ohio and Kentucky ranked in the top ten states with most immature men.

The survey measured male maturity with six not-so-serious criteria: fantasy football enthusiasm, beer pong enthusiasm, porn viewership and enthusiasm for watching the TV show Family Guy.

The Buckeye State was ranked fifth for most immature men while the Bluegrass State took seventh place, according to the real estate blog.

While it's certainly not scientific proof, Estately says they gathered data through analyzing interest expressed in the topics by male Facebook users aged 25 to 65 in each state. They also took state unemployment rates into account.

Kentucky ranked number one for most video gamers and fourth for currently unemployed men. Ohio was number four for Family Guy fans and eleventh for fantasy footballers.

Rhode Island has the most immature men in the country, according to the poll.

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