Mom starts petition against 'Breaking Bad' toys

Mom starts petition against 'Breaking Bad' toys

FOX19 - A Florida woman is taking aim at Toys 'R' Us, saying the company is marketing Breaking Bad actions figures to children.

The toys are based on the hit TV series that revolves around a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher turned meth dealer.

Susan Myers argues that the violent Breaking Bad characters have no place alongside the Barbie Dolls and Legos in the Toys 'R' Us aisles. She has set up a petition asking the store to remove the action figures from the shelves. It had 175 signatures as of Thursday night.

The action figures for characters Jesse Pinkman and Walter White include a gas mask, handgun and a tray of "blue crystal," according to Toys 'R' Us' website. Although the store's description does not explicitly state what it is, blue crystal is the signature methamphetamine made in the show.

Toys 'R' Us reportedly responded and said the toys are meant for ages 15 and up and are located separate from child items.

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