N.Ky group uses education to confront heroin epidemic

N.Ky group uses education to confront heroin epidemic

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Community members came together on Thursday to fight one of the worst problems tearing families apart in Northern Kentucky.

For every person that dies in a car crash in Kenton County, 12 people die of a drug overdose. That's according to the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force.

Eric Specht and his wife lost their son Nicholas to a heroin overdose 13 months ago and Specht says even when they found out about his addiction, they were lost.

"We didn't know what to do, we didn't know where to go, we didn't know who to talk to," said Eric Specht.

Members of the Ryland Heights community came together to find those answers. Whether guests are directly affected by the disease, Specht says they're trying to educate the families of addicts too.

"Part of what we're trying to do is to provide resources for people that are affected by addiction," said Specht.

Northern Kentucky Hates Heroin continues to push for funding for more resources as Kenton County stands in a league of its own with heroin abuse.

"If you adjusted it for population, Kenton County has the highest rate of heroin overdose mortality in Kentucky," said Mark.

Bill Mark with the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force says even if you or a family member isn't on drugs, this can affect you because addicts will do anything to get the drug.

"The rates of burglaries and shoplifting continue to rise and that's attributed to heroin addicts that are stealing day in and day out," said Mark.

Specht says although his son is gone, it's his mission to protect other drug addicts and families from a similar tragedy.

These town hall meetings are making their way to different communities across Northern Kentucky. The next stop is Villa Hills next week. For more information on where to go for help or just more on this topic, visit http://nkyhatesheroin.com/

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