153 people being monitored for Ebola in Ohio

153 people being monitored for Ebola in Ohio

FOX19 - The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) announced Sunday that 153 people are being monitored after having contact with the Dallas nurse who visited Northeast Ohio last week while showing symptoms of Ebola.

Of those 153 people, three are under quarantine.

According to the ODH, people are placed into different tiers based on their risk-level.

People under quarantine are considered to be a tier one risk. Those people have enforced restrictions on movement and travel, they take their temperature twice daily, they have contact with public health officials and they are not allowed to travel commercially.

The ODH says 22 people currently fall under tier 2A (active monitoring), 48 people fall under tier 2B (verified self-monitoring) and 52 people fall under tier 3 (self-monitoring).

Most of the people being monitored reside in Summit and Cuyahoga counties.

According to the ODH, 14 other counties are monitoring seven or less people, including Hamilton and Franklin counties.

There are no confirmed cases of Ebola in Ohio.

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