Attempted abduction reported in Butler County

Attempted abduction reported in Butler County

TRENTON, OH (FOX19) - Authorities in a Butler County community are investigating an attempted abduction reported over the weekend.

"I literally was just trying to take a shortcut home. I grew up around here. I used to walk those train tracks,” said the victim, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear that the suspects may try to find her.

A woman told Trenton police two men in a dark-colored, full-size van pulled alongside her as she walked on Riverside Drive back to her residence on Hamilton Avenue about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

She was walking home on Riverside Drive in Trenton after becoming separated from a cousin while the two were on a walk in the early hours of Sunday morning. Behind her came a van with its lights off.

"They pulled up beside me and asked if I needed help, and I told them, 'no.' I kept going, and they pulled up about 10 or 13 feet in front of me and they stopped, and he got out of his car,” the victim said.

The driver asked her if she needed a drive. She responded no, and the vehicle accelerated as if it was going to pull away, but then it stopped abruptly in front of her.

"When I went towards him, I tried to run around him, and he grabbed me and he pushed me against the van, and he held me there with his arm and he had a knife to my neck," said the 21-year old mother of two.

A man got out of the van and shoved her against it, she told police. She said he put a knife to her throat and held her there while she pleaded for him to let her go.

A broken toe has kept her out of work, but it may have also saved her life. The pain from the suspect stepping on it was enough for her to get herself free.

"When he did that, it kind of made me wince forward from the pain. When he did that, it kind of loosened his grip a little bit, and I pushed around to the side and just took off running," she told FOX19 NOW.

She told police she was able to break free and ran down the street through several yards to her apartment, where help was summoned.

She still has the marks from the knife's blade that was pushed against her throat. Her days since the incident have been unsettled and fearful that her attacker may come looking for her. Her biggest fear is not being there for her children, who are 2-years and 3-years old.

"I kept thinking in my head that my kids are never going to see me again. They're not going to have their mom. That was literally my only motive. I just kept begging him to let me go because that's where I wanted to make it home to," the victim said.

Anyone with information about this offense is asked to contact Trenton police: 513-428-0129.

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