Shelter kill list to police K9 unit: A local dog's journey

Shelter kill list to police K9 unit: A local dog's journey
PHOTO: Cincinnati Lab Rescue
PHOTO: Cincinnati Lab Rescue

FOX19 - Lady was just 24 hours from being euthanized.

But as luck would have it, that's when Cincinnati Lab Rescue (CLR) stepped in.

As is the fate for too many dogs, the black Labrador retriever was abandoned earlier this year and turned into the Clermont County Humane Society. But one local organization refused to cast her aside.

"She was sitting in a kennel, looking very sad," said Erin Skie, Executive Director for CLR. "But she had a tennis ball in her mouth and would just not let go."

That was the start of Lady's second chance.

Rob Dawn of All Dogs K9 Academy started training Lady, working to help her find a bigger purpose. Maybe she could be a police dog? Maybe a search dog? Regardless of her future path, they saw potential in her.

[VIDEO: Lady works with trainer to learn new skills]

Now, just months after she awaited her fate in a local animal shelter, Lady has joined the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force, focusing on fighting the Tri-State's war on drugs. She will be partnered with an agent with prior K9 experience and will finally get a permanent home.

Cincinnati Lab Rescue reminds local dog lovers, as always, to consider a rescue dog. "Who knows, they might just rescue you!"

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